Teacher training package

The online teacher training package is meant as support material for teacher trainers in carrying out national and international teacher training workshops about knowledge creation pedagogy and the Trialogical approach to learning. The approach combines advanced pedagogical practices and modern digital tools for collaborative knowledge creation.

The package includes an example scenario for organizing teacher training, including recommendations for trainers about activities, videotaped expert lectures, presentation material, guidelines to be used in the course assignments, suggestions and examples about technology use, and working templates for the participants’ course planning, etc.

All sections of the package include two parts: 1) instructions for the trainers conducting the teacher training, and 2) example content to be used when creating the working spaces for the participants of the training. In the trainer part, all materials are in editable format (.ppt, .doc etc.), in the example content part they are in .pdf format, if the trainer wants to use them as such in the training.

The package is available from the links below.

The Online teacher training package for Trialogical learning is built using the Open edX platform (in the server of Metropolia UAS). You can view the package in the following way:

You can duplicate the existing Online Teacher Training Package as a new copy for yourself by doing the following steps:

HUOM! Materiaalipaketti opettajien kouluttajille trialogisesta oppimisesta suomeksi: http://edx.mw.metropolia.fi/courses/KNORK/OTTPFI01/2016/about (luo tunnus EdX-paleveluun, niin pääset käyttämään materiaalia). Tiedostopaketti suomenkielisestä materiaalista ladattavaksi uuden kurssin pohjaksi: http://knork.info/website/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/OTTP_fi_2018-05-29.KNORK_.tar.gz