Template for planning teaching based on Trialogical learning

Author(s): Minna Lakkala

Affiliation(s): University of Helsinki, Finland

Date of publication: February 22, 2016

Description of the resource

It is always useful for a teacher to make a written plan for own teaching, but especially beneficial it is when trying some new pedagogical approach. In addition, written plans can be shared with other educators and developed further with colleagues. The attached resource is a template for planning courses or study units that are based on the trialogical approach on learning, which emphasises collaborative knowledge creation practices. The template also includes a table for defining how the design principles of the trialogical approach are applied in the pedagogical case.

The Context

The course plan template can be used by individual teachers, or it can be used in teacher training courses where the trialogical learning approach is introduced to teachers. The template can be copied to a new text file or an online text document.

Materials and Links

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