Teaching e-Learning (e-Learning, University)

Author(s): M. Beatrice Ligorio

Affiliation(s): University of Bari

Date of publication: March 1, 2015

The Educational Problem

How to get students interested on e-Learning. We are referring to students, which are going to be pedagogical or psychological consultants for companies and schools; for most of them, it is initially absolutely not clear how e-Learning can be related and fruitfully exploited in their future careers.

The Solution

Using the design principles to plan the course allowed me to project activities able to help students developing communicative, collaborative and technical skills that they could see as closely related to their professional future.

Key Experiences

Students became gradually interested and competent in using many software, online environments and tools able to support knowledge construction. They also learnt how to work collaboratively by using many pedagogical techniques in a blended mode.
In the future, we will probably reconsider the platform hosting the online activities, turning towards a more “social” and friendly one – mainly because of technical issues impacting on the possibility to continue using the current one. We could also revisit some of the implemented activities, for example the Role Taking, by introducing other roles.

Materials and Links

The platform: BSCL, http://bscl.fit.fraunhofer.de/

A recent article about the pedagogical model: http://www.lline.fi/en/article/research/1242014/an-italian-model-blended-collaborative-and-constructive-participation

Links to full original document: