Synchronisation of course activities with many teachers and students

Author(s): Tania Vasileva, Vassiliy Tchoumatchenko

Affiliation(s): Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Date of publication: June 23, 2016

The Educational Problem

When a course is a basic compulsory course for several faculties, many teachers and huge amount of students are involved in course activities. If a course comprises of several scheduled activities, it need to be carried out within a pre-defined period. If some of the group supervisors are not regularly teachers, but external experts, they are not always well-informed about the different phases and activities of a course. This creates difficulties in shared tasks distribution between students, monitoring and students’ work feedback and evaluation.  It the supervision  is not adapted  to course activities including the timing of tasks distribution and feedback, this may disturb and delay the students’ work. The same problem arises if some students do not follow scheduled tasks on time. This could spoil the quality of the team work.

The Solution

Therefore, the Google Calendar may be used from leading lecturer to create a plan of course activities within the whole semester. It is shared with all course participants and need to be strictly scheduled by both teachers and students.

The Context

This practice could be applied in courses, which involve interaction between students and supervising teachers over time, especially supervisors who are external to the course in order to synchronize several activities with many players in the process.

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