Support for teacher collaboration

Author(s): Liisa Ilomäki

Affiliation(s): University of Helsinki

Date of publication: March 24, 2015

The Educational Problem

Many teachers are not familiar with collaborative planning and managing an integrated large course. For this reason, planning and managing a new innovative course is often conducted only partially, the course activities remain less integrated and students’ learning activities do not succeed as well as they could.

The Solution

Therefore, provide support for teachers during the first iteration of a new type of course, and not only for planning. Also support the teachers in reflecting on the process and the outcomes to improve new iterations. In addition, see to that teachers have structural possibilities for collaboration; common time organised for the weekly time schedule. The principal should organise resources for teacher collaboration.

The Context

Teachers face the problem in various types of collegial collaborative activities at all levels of primary and secondary schools because the school structures are planned for individual teacher work.

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