Share solutions of individual tasks to inspire others

Author(s): Klas Karlgren

Affiliation(s): Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Date of publication: May 31, 2016

The Educational Problem

Course participants may feel that it is difficult to carry out a degree project and to write a report about it. They may occasionally experience “writer’s block” or simply not see viable ways to proceed and report work. Sometimes course participants may get stuck on rather simple issues about reporting, e.g., how something is typically presented or formulated. Furthermore, there are many different ways of carrying out a project and writing reports; being able to see how others solve similar problems can be inspiring and eye-opening and spur ideas.

The Solution

Therefore, establish practices and an infrastructure for course participants for sharing their work with others throughout the course, not only towards the end. Also sharing typically/traditionally individual tasks can provide inspiration for others when addressing analogous challenges in their own projects.

The Context

Any course where course participants work on a project or report over time.

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