LinkedIn – a web-service for networking and cross-fertilization

Author(s): Beatrice Ligorio

Affiliation(s): University of Bari, Italy

Date of publication: January 20, 2016

The Educational Problem

To improve trialogical learning it isimportant to:

  • support integration of personal and collective agency through developing shared objects. We need spaces in which students could reflect on their professional skills, discuss and create new knowledge;
  • promote cross-fertilization of various knowledge practices and artefacts across academic and professional communities. We need social spaces in which students and real customers communicate and discuss about trialogical objects.

The Solution

LinkedIn is a free professional network that allows easy creation of a professional e-portfolio. In LinkedIn E-portfolio users can add a professional resumé, descriptions of their work and training experiences and professional skills. LinkedIn users can receive endorsements and recommendations from members of their own network.

LinkedIn allows the creation of work-groups. Group members can discuss about professional topics, add links, invite new members and tag members.

Key Experiences

Students were requested to create a professional e-portfolio. During the first module, students had to update their profiles by adding the competences and skills acquired. Students created their professional network, adding others students, tutors, and teachers involved in course. Furthermore, students were  invited to endorse colleagues’ skills.

During the second module, students had to create a LinkedIn's work group: students had to agree on a name and logo for the group, to define group norms and invite real customers. Students used LinkedIn to search information about real customers and to discuss their ideas with them onto the LinkedIn's group.

At the end of the course students had to update their LinkedIn's e-portfolio.

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