Video lecture about the three metaphors of learning and the Trialogical Learning Approach

Author(s): Minna Lakkala

Affiliation(s): University of Helsinki, Finland

Date of publication: April 8, 2016

Description of the resource

The resource is a video lecture about the three metaphors of learning and the trialogical design principles. It is the first part of a lecture titled “Background and characteristics of the trialogical approach to learning” given by Dr. Sami Paavola from the University of Helsinki. The material is a recorded using Adobe Connect Pro software and distributed through YouTube. The duration of the lecture is 20 minutes.

The Context

The lecture is recorded from a workshop held for teachers in Tallinn, Estonia as part of Erasmus+ project Creative Classroom. The video suits well for an introductory lecture in teacher training occassions, or it can be used as self-study material as part of blended learning or flipped teaching courses for teachers.

Materials and Links

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