Health care organisation and management (Health Informatics / Medical University)

Author(s): Elnta Meragia & Klas Karlgren

Affiliation(s): Karolinska Institutet

Date of publication: March 20, 2015

The Educational Problem

In higher education students are frequently faced with challenges such as how to work effectively in groups, how to produce high quality material when submitting a group assignment and how to deal successfully with deadlines. This need is even higher for students who are in the first year of their studies and who have not worked like this before.

The Solution

In order to solve this educational problem a solution could be to enhance students’ cooperation, collaboration and organization in their groups. To do so a web based tool that can enhance collaboration, coordination, integration of activities and interaction within the group members is suggested.

Key Experiences

Enhancing students’ cooperation, collaboration and organization in their groups through a web-based tool can be a challenge. Students tend to question the usability of such a tool for their group work. Also, it can take some time for the teacher to organize and set up not only the digital accounts but also to slightly modify the way the course is usually delivered.

The main success however can be seen in the long run. Students through time learn to set up rules for their group work and undertake responsibility as a group by using such a web based tool. They gain important skills, which they can use not only for their future courses but also eventually for their future jobs. On the other hand, the teacher might spend a lot of time in the beginning of the course to organize this but in the long run it leaves him more time to concentrate on other aspects of the course.

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