Guide for Combi Oven-Convention Steamer (Physics and Italian, Vocational School)

Author(s): Palmisano N. (Teacher of Physic) and Brunetti A. (Teacher of Italian language)

Affiliation(s): I.I.S.S. “G. Salvemini” - Vocational Education and Training for Cooks and Hotel Managers - Fasano (BR) Italy

Date of publication: January 21, 2016

The Educational Problem

The experiment was done in physics and Italian language disciplines in a first class of Vocational Education and Training for Cooks and Hotel Managers consisting of 16 students of 14-15 years of age.

Reasons that pushed to start the experimentation:

  1. Difficulties in teaching Physics, because is a new discipline for this kind of institute and with a numbers of hours per week very low (only two). For this reason teacher of Physics involved the teacher of Italian in the experimentation.
  2. The physics teacher was in his second year of teaching; previously he carried out, for about 20 years, design activities for electrical, instrumentation and automation systems, and activities of project management for the planning and construction of plants in the petrochemical industry. The change between the previous job and the school was radical; the teacher noted the "distance" between the education of school and the workplace who knew. For this reason teacher felt the need to identify appropriate tools for teaching in order to bring together these two worlds inexplicably so far.

The Solution

KNORK project was the right opportunity to achieve new tools that would allow to implement an educational process stimulating and motivating for students and could then be decisive for a quality vocational training.

In order to address educational problem, the following methodologies have been used:

  • focus on individual and collaborative learning strategies;
  • the use of technologies;
  • the creation of shared and meaningful object.
  • Brainstorming and group work.

Crucial was the choice of Object of Trialogical approach: Guide for Combi Oven-Convention Steamer. The choice of this object was made for following reasons:

  1. because the Oven is an equipment used in professional kitchens of the school; it is used also by the student of first class.
  2. because to create an explanatory and synthetic guide on the functioning, and aimed at users of the oven (Teachers and students of the Kitchen Course within the school itself, restaurant owners, Home Users) was a real opportunity to stimulate and motivate the students.
  3. because the equipment “Combi Oven-Convention Steamer” is closely related to their future profession.

Key Experiences

The main success have been the Student Satisfaction manifested through the motivation during the activities but especially at the end of the course when they were able to “see and touch” the object realized.

Materials and Links


  • Manual of  Combi Oven-Convention Steamer (Zanussi supplier). The manual was supplied by the school; pdf format has been uploaded to Google Drive and was a valid reference for the students for the search of information in order to realize the Guide.


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