GoogleDrive – a digital space for collaborative knowledge creation

Author(s): Beatrice Ligorio

Affiliation(s): University of Bari, Italy

Date of publication: January 21, 2016

The Educational Problem

Sharing drafts is crucial to support collaborative learning. A digital space allows easy sharing and commenting. Furthermore, it was necessary to have a digital space where to upload documents provided by the teachers, examples of material produced by students in a previous course.

The Solution

Google Drive is a free Google App that allows the organization of didactical materials into shared folders and sub-folders. Students are able to organize their shared knowledge in a hierarchical structure.

Google Drive provides free apps to create shared objects as documents (Google Docs), mental maps (Google Drawings) and presentations (Google Slides).

Users can comment and add notes on shared drafts and sketches of projects.

Key Experiences

During the first week of the course, students become familiar with Google Drive. They downloaded didactical materials and created mind maps by using Google Drawings. Each student shared lesson notes into Google Drive.

During the first module students were asked to create a group’s shared mental map and to write individual reviews. The drafts were uploaded on Google Drive. Peers, tutors and teacher supervised the processes and gave feedback, adding comments and notes. Students managed independently the folders’ hierarchical structures by opening new folders and subfolders.

During module 2, students were asked to create a shared object for real customers. Students used Google Docs to create Learning Objects concepts and storyboards, to write e-book contents and an App design. Students used Google Slides to prepare presentations of Serious Games design.

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