GitHub as Trialogical Learning Approach Re-use Library Home

Author(s): Vassiliy Tchoumatchenko

Affiliation(s): Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Date of publication: June 21, 2016

The Educational Problem

After the end of KNORK project, the Trialogical Learning Approach Re-use Library (RL) should remain publicly accessible for the foreseeable future.

At present, the RL is a set of Google Docs files. Although Google Docs is convenient for collaborative editing, we believe that in the long term RL artifacts should be stored in a open format and the read-only access should be simplified.

The following criteria were taken in consideration while evaluating suitable hosting platforms:

  • Straightforward access to the existing content
  • Discoverability by search engines
  • Open-source document format
  • Well defined mechanism for submitting corrections and additions
  • Reliability
  • The service should be free of charge

The Solution

The proposed solution is based on GitHub (

The TLA Reuse Library artifacts are structured in two groups - documents and web pages:

  • RL Documents -
    The documents are converted to Markdown format (Gruber, 2004). Markdown is a plain-text format with simple formatting. They are stored in a git repository, organized in folders: cases, patterns, etc.


Accessing the RL document

When a visitor clicks on an RL document, the Markdown content is automatically converted to  HTML and rendered by the browser. It is also possible to download the entire repository as ZIP archive.

Contributing to RL

The workflow for contribution to GitHub projects is described in


GitHub repositories are well represented in Google search results. Here is an example

Reliability, price, etc.

GitHub is quite popular service for hosting software projects. It has been along for a relatively long time and has good track history with respect to reliability. The hosting of public repositories (such as RL) is free of charge. Exporting the RL content from GitHub and transferring it to another hosting provider is relatively straightforward.

Initial migration of RL documents from Google Docs to GitHub

The conversion of Google Docs document to Markdown format is performed by a custom script. The process is time consuming because each file has to be processed individually and some steps require manual interaction. Therefore, it would be more effective to perform the conversion once, when the RL documents are finalized. After that all further changes should be done in GitHub.

Materials and Links

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