You can find here the Knork article published in DIDATTICA E ORGANIZZAZIONE, where the project’s objectives are detailed and described in an effective interview to Donatella Cesareni and Beatrice Ligorio.

First research results of the case studies published in a conference proceedings: Karlgren, K., Ilomäki, L., Lakkala, M., Meragia, E., Muukkonen, H, Toom, A. (2014). Knowledge work practices in education – two cases of transforming pedagogical practices. In the Proceedings of the ICED (The International Consortium for Educational Development) Conference, June 16-18, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.

Three conference papers were published during summer 2015 reporting joint research results of the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and the University of Helsinki:

An article about designing trialogical practices in university courses (based on the cases of the ProWo project, a predecessor of KNORK): Lakkala, M., Toom, A., Ilomäki, L., & Muukkonen, H. (2015). Re-designing university courses to support collaborative knowledge creation practices. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 31(5), 521-536. Available online.


Public outcomes and deliverables

The Final report

D2.1. Open online learning platform: versions 1 & 2, versions 3 & 4
D2.2. Web repository for Re-use library: version 1, version 2
D3.1. & D3.2 The Knowledge Work (KNORK) Workshops
D3.3. & D4.2 The Re-Use Library content
D3.4. Online teacher training package
D4.1. Summary of surveys: version 1, version 2 , version 3
D6.2. Dissemination material
D6.3 National dissemination events and the final conference
D6.4. Dissemination report


Materiaalit KNORK-hankkeen torilla Interaktiivinen Tekniikka Koulutuksessa -konferenssissa  (ITK 2016) Aulangolla 14.-15.4.2016 [Materials from the Interactive Technology in Education conference / in Finnish]