The KNORK International Conference took place on the 12 January 2016 at La Sapienza University of Rome, Faculty of Medicine and Psychology –  Department of Social and Developmental Psychology (Rome, Italy).


The event was attended by about 50 participants, including teachers, researchers, headmasters and more in general persons interested in improving collaborative knowledge creation practices and digital competences in secondary and higher education

The conference focused the Trialogical Learning Approach (TLA) which was illustrated both from a research and practice perspective, by experts from the KNORK project partner organisations and countries.

TLA supports students in secondary schools and higher education in acquiring new knowledge work and digital competences as required by the actual labour market and knowledge society. This approa2016-01-12_KNORK-Rome_9584ch, in fact, defines principles for sophisticated collaborative knowledge creation, such as the rich use of technology and the cross-fertilization practices between educational levels as well as between educational institutions and work life organizations.

During the conference a series of  pedagogical cases on TLA, carried out in Bulgaria, Finland, Italy and Sweden were presented  (download the Programme of the conference).

The conference then continued with a poster session, presenting several posters on TLA-based experiences carried out in Bulgaria, Finland, Italy and Sweden, in secondary school and higher education on different topics and subjects.

The poster session gave the occasion to Dr. Sami Paavola (University of Helsinki) and 2016-01-12_KNORK-Rome_9695prof. Anna Maria Ajello (La Sapienza University of Rome) to put forward interesting reflections on the pedagogical cases and TLA experiences carried out within the KNORK project.

The first part of the conference was available for at distance participation on Live Webcast. The videos of the presentations are available on the KNORK YouTube Channel and from the list below , together with presentation slides and posters, for free download:



  • 2016-01-12_KNORK-Rome_9660Cloud Technologies in Collaborative Learning in Electronics – T. Vasileva, V. Tchoumatchenko, Technical University of Sofia, (BG) Donwload the Poster
  • Collaborative Education in Networking technologies – S. Stefanova, R. Gercheva, Technology School “Electronic Systems”, (BG) Donwload the Poster
  • Voluntary work – A. Väkeväinen, Helsinki Upper Secondary School in Media Arts (FI) Download the Poster
  • Blogger as a collaborative tool in an upper secondary school – L. Apell, Helsinki Media Arts Upper Secondary School (FI) Download the Poster
  • Adoption of new TLA based curriculum in IT – P. Vesikivi, Metropolia University of Applied Science, (FI) Download the Poster
  • The legend of 900 Game –. P. Nappo,  C. Cupertino, IISS “G. Salvemini” Fasano (IT) Download the Poster
  • Knowledge for Work: The Menu – G. Semeraro IISS “G. Salvemini” Fasano (IT) Download the Poster
  • Knowledge for Work: Guide to Healthy Food –. F Giannuzzi, G. Palmisano IISS “G. Salvemini” Fasano (IT) Download the Poster
  • Knowledge for Work: Guide for Combi-Oven convention Steamer, A. Brunetti, N. Palmisano, IISS “G. Salvemini” Fasano (IT) Download the Poster
  • Imagine, you can: Maths, complex and imaginary numbers, M. Litterio, Liceo Scientifico A. Labriola (IT) Download the Poster
  • Lesson on the exhibition “Muro della Memoria”, L. Saito (IT) Download the Poster
  • The Earth Watch – Liceo Statale M. Montessori Roma (IT) Download the Poster
  • Designing pedagogical scenarios for school and universities, D. Cesareni, N. Sansone, I. Bortolotti (University la Sapienza, IT) Download the Poster
  • The Physicario –  G. Rizzo, N. Sansone (IT) Download the Poster
  • TLA in an University course – A. Porfido, F. Amenduni, M. Zaccaria, M. B. Ligorio, Università A. Moro di Bari (IT) Download the Poster
  • Digital tools in the KNORK Project: Trello, Padlet and Sway – E. Meragia, K. Karlgren, Karolinska Institut (SE) Download the Poster
  • User Needs & Requirements Engineering, E. Meragia, K. Karlgren – Karolinska Institut (SE) Download the Poster