KNORK in a Finnish technology & education conference

KNORK outcomes were presented in ITK conference, the major Finnish conference about digital interactive technology in education. About 1 500 people participate every April in Hämeenlinna, Finland, to see and hear news about digital technology, to network, to get inspiration and ideas and simply to learn about technology in teaching and learning. For us participants  it is an extraordinary event because the participants come from various fields: we are teachers, principals, technology developers, researchers and people from administration. The spirit of the conference is creative and progressive, maybe because all people want to promote the use of technology and new ideas in general – so our KNORK approach to knowledge work and new competences fit well in the program.

Finnish KNORK partners – University of Helsinki, Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Helsinki Upper Secondary School of media arts – together with Vantaa Vocational College Varia (a school which has had a lot of collaboration with KNORK) had an own exhibition stand, a small room, where we had posters of the project and computers available to show the digital outcomes, such as Re-Use Library and teacher training package. So two days in the conference we spoke, spoke, spoke but talking with visitors was really fun! It was impossible to say how many people visited our stand but 41 visitors evaluated the outcomes and left their contact information to get materials from KNORK. Quite good result! And even more: many of these wanted to have collaboration with KNORK partners in the future, e.g. for teacher training. This is how KNORK continues its life even after the project end!
Examples of the feedback in our questionnaire:

  • Really inspiring and fresh approach;
  • You have done great job and a lot of useable outcomes;
  • Collaboration (suggestion) for teacher continuing education.


Pictures of the presentation space.
Building the room computer Hannu and Liisa Three ladies WP_20160414_006 WP_20160414_010

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