It is hard to chance practices – or is it?

In KNORK we strongly aim to changes in teachers’ pedagogical practices. The change process of working practices is always quite hard, not only for teachers but for all of us; daily routines are so comfortable even if not always trendy. Like old shoes, which you know that you should not anymore use in circulation but every now and then you do that.

For teachers such comfortable practices serve also as a proof of students’ learning because the practices have “always” worked well. In KNORK the means for supporting teachers to change the pedagogical practices are trialogical workshops: workshops in which teachers talk about their courses in a structures way. The structure is based on the trialogical principles; e.g. first to talk about what is the collaborative object of activities for students’ work and learning.

After several workshops with teachers of universities, vocationals schools and upper secondary schools we have noticed that it works. The changes are seldom something revolutionary new, they usually are more like taking a few steps forward and the reflecting the outcomes, but the direction is forward. In a recent article (see; Lakkala, Toom, Ilomäki & Muukkonen) we presented results of university teachers’ pedagogical designs after teacher workshop and some consulting discussions. Althought the results are from higher education, the practical experiences indicate a very similar process in upper secondary and vocational schools.

In Rome, in the Final Conference at 12.1.2016 we will present results of several courses in the participating organisations. It is really interesting to see how we have managed, what are the changes like and do the design principles need modification.

In the photo, teachers of Medialukio started their change process by integrating research type of activities in chemistry, physics, and biology. The new entity was called Energy in ecosystem.

medialukio opet

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