KNORK Italian day: schools and universities present their trialogical courses

Saturday, September 21st, at the “CERDO” (School for osteopaths in Rome,, it was held KNORK_LA SPERIMENTAZIONE ITALIANA to present the projects that schools and universities participating in the KNORK have realized in the years 2014-2015.
The event was attended by 4 high schools and 3 universities. Teachers and students presented their projects, the objects they built, the strategies they followed, highlighting pros and cons, limitations and needs.
The event was also attended by teachers who did not know KNORK and who have shown interest for further experimentation within their courses.
In addition, during the event, the participants were able to discuss about some crucial and recurring questions and recurring: how to integrate a challenging project like a trialogical-based one with the need to respect the national curriculum? how to decline  objects according to various disciplines and levels of study? how to check the maintenance of skills over time? how to ensure the involvement of all students?

Here following  some pictures taken by Beatrice during the event. Enjoy!

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