Best practices for highly qualified teachers in TUES TU Sofia, Bulgaria

Technology school ”Electronic Systems” (TUES) associated with the Technical university of Sofia is one of the famous and elite schools in Bulgaria, specialized in the training of ICT specialists with secondary vocational education.

Implementation of innovative approaches to teaching, introducing new pedagogical practices of collaborative learning using cloud technologies are the basis for achieving outstanding results at the professional training of young ICT professionals. In this process the utmost importance is the high professional and academic qualification of TUES teachers.

After winning all the prizes in the national competition of computer networks by the TUES students, the school principal Stela Stefanova was interviewed by one of the national television of Bulgaria in the TV show “Best Teacher” in the field of information, communication and networking technologies.


At the end of April was completed her habilitation procedure as an associate professor.

Habilitation TUES PrincipalHabilitation of TUES Principal

abilitation  of TUES  Principal

Teacher’s training in TUES is realized by qualification workshops, scientific conferences and educational forums.  In the end of June in the town Dobrinishte was held a workshop on the topic of “Using cloud technologies in the learning process.” The discussion was fruitful and the possibilities were considered to use cloud technologies for organizing collaborative education of groups of students on common tasks and projects in various disciplines of general education and vocational training.

TUES Workshop 2015TUES Workshop 2015

TUES Workshop 2015

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