Let’s have four steps in history

Dear Knork community, we are getting close to the end of the school year and Knork projects are ending here in Bari. One of them took place at the Technical and Computer Science Institute of Andria (Bari).

This i a short synthesis from Beatrice who have supported the teachers all through the year

“Let’s have four steps in history” is the title of the first project in Andria that involved two tenth grade classes. The object developed has been a web-site devoted to the first world war. Take a look: www.quattropassinellastoria.it. Of course it is in Italian, but it will give you a fairly good impression of its structure and the type of work that has been done. The title Students did a great job in searching documents both official and informal. They combined the curricula of Italian, History, Mathematics and Physics. The teachers involved were Annalisa Alicino, Mariangela Calvi and Roberto Diana. They focused on literature and narrative by reading letters and poetries, lyrics of songs and romances from that period. They studied physic and mechanics by analyzing the war machines. Overall, the teachers innovated their learning methods by orchestrating time for reflection, collaboration and meaningful activities.

A link to the project has been implemented also in the web-page of the school http://www.itisandria.gov.it/2-non-categorizzato/549-progetto-knork-quattro-passi-nella-storia.html. A facebook group has been active all along the project where students and teachers posted various documents, included their diaries.

A final event was organized to present the web-site to parents and to the whole school and of course I was there with two of my students that acted as observers (Federica and Sara). Here some photos taken during the final event.

Me and the web-site The principle The students the teacher promoting the project

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