The Menu

The “Menu”

The testing experience of the methodology called “trialogical” is leading to extraordinary results in a number of fields. I was already convinced that my discipline, Food Laboratory Practice, was  quite innovative but, through the practical study and knowledge approach – we realized, my students and I, that in addition to the study of content through the construction of “objects” (and this is no small thing!) putting  all of this  into practice through strategies which were certainly well known but never used is a very interesting task . Why is it that these strategies have never been put into practice?  I do not know. Perhaps for lack of time or because I was not sure of the positive results that would have been accomplished, but thanks to this project and to all the teaching strategies it dealt with, from collaborative learning  to the progressive inquiry strategies, problem solving  and  exciting techniques such as Jigsaw and the role-taking, lessons have become more dynamic,certainly they are more difficult but definitely very exciting!From the very first meeting in Helsinki I started thinking about drafting a menu which could lead to the study of all of the local raw materials and to the sale of our “object” directly to those who deal with local products. I must admit that it is working! Thanks to Internet we have been able to research local products through group work, we have focused on the products that better represent our territory, we have used them in recipes invented on our own! This working strategy will continue by proposing our menus to local catering businesses and hopefully our project will be accomplished with our menus being tasted.As for the construction of the “object”, working strategies will be used to enhances my students’ abilities which I would have never discovered without this project.The use of new technologies is another distinctive feature of this project, not the creation of technologies but the usage of on-line devices, well known to students.In the past I would greet my students by saying “Good morning kids, put your mobile phones away and let’s get to work”. Now I greet them by saying: “Good morning kids. Grab your mobile phones and let’s get to work”.

Gianni Semeraro

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