Salvemini School Guide Health Food Pilot Project

Project Informations
Object: Guide for healthy eating
Where: In Salvemini School a pilot course was started in a first class of professional institute of Services for the Catering.
When: From April to June 2014 for a total of 20 hours lessons in 8 weeks.
Purpose: To make a game-guide to healthy eating.
Recipients of the guide are: students and families.
Context: first class with 17 students of 14-15 years old.
Disciplines involved: Science and Math.
Environments used: classroom and laboratory.
Tools used: Laptop, Interactive Whiteboard (IWB), Gmail, Drive, Word, Excel.

What’s done so far
The activities done can be summarized in four phases:
Phase 1: Preliminary starting activities (account google, gmail, mailing list).
Phase 2: Brainstorming with definition of areas of investigation and definition of working groups; exercises on Drive.
Phase 3: Elaboration of a questionnaire on eating habits of institute students.
Phase 4: Questionnaire administration and data processing.

Some Results.
Critical Issues: activity slowed due to slow internet connection;
Strong Points: collaboration between learners and group work.

What’s next
At the end of data processing related to the questionnaire, we will proceed to design a board game focused on key elements of a healthy diet.

Giannuzzi F. – Palmisano G.


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