Salvemini School Gamebook Discipline Computer Science and Italian Language

Salvemini Gamebook Informatica e Lingua e letteratura italiana

22th of October, 2014

Salvemini School – gamebook

The creation of a videogame, starting from the reading and analysis of a literary text, exploring the imaginative dimension, is the shared object for which mainly the Computer Sciences and Italian teachers cooperate, in a two-year class of the technical institute of Graphic Design and Communication.

Supported by working techniques suggested during the training at both pedagogical (progressive inquiry in support of interaction / discussion between peers and Jigsaw) and technological such as the use of Google Drive, in the preliminary stage, we proceeded to the creation of an account for each student and the creation of a shared workbook.

Listening to the audiobook of Novecento by Alessandro Baricco has allowed the transition to the exploration of the narration to identify the different dimensions in relation to the emotional element included in the narration, through the literary, filmic and graphic language. The operation is accompanied by the exploration of the possibilities offered by the use of the environment Scratch 1.4.

The Computer Science part concerns on the introduction to the algorithmic technique with pseudo-language and flowchart; the construction of a manual, corrected by the students themselves and downloadable online through  the school website; the use of free software: Gimp, for photo editing and image composition,  Audacity, for the management of audio tracks, and Scratch for coding

Cinzia Cupertino e Paolo Nappo

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