Salvemini School – Convection Steam Oven: Guide for Use and Maintenance

Salvemini – Forno a Convezione Vapore: Guida sull’uso e Manutenzione

Project Informations
Object: Convection Steam Oven
Where: In Salvemini School, in a first class of the Professional Institute of Services for Catering.
When: From April to June 2014 for a total of 20 hours lessons in 8 weeks.
Purpose: To realize a Guide for Use and Maintenance of Convention Steam Oven.
Recipients of the guide are: the same school and similar schools particularly cooking teachers and laboratories; users of professional kitchens; private domestic users.
Context: first class with 16 students of 14-15 years old.
Disciplines involved: Physic and Italian language.
Environments used: classroom and cooking laboratory.
Tools used: Laptop, video projector, Smartphone and digital camera, Gmail, Drive.

What’s done so far
The activities done can be summarized in four phases:
Phase 1: Preliminary starting activities (account google, gmail, mailing list).
Phase 2: Brainstorming with definition of areas of investigation and definition of working groups; exercises on Drive.
Phase 3: Research of sites and publications relating to the Oven (Reading and analysis of documentation, executive summary). At the end of this phase each group has presented to the teachers and to the others groups the job done.
Phase 4: Construction of the guide with activities of image processing, text processing and printing in paper format. During this phase several revision of the object has been done using intermediate printings.

Some Results.
Critical Issues: activities slowed due to the poor basic skills of the students in the use of technology; needing to reschedule activities continuously; school attendance discontinuous by students has created difficulties in the management of the working groups;
Strong Points: collaboration between learners and autonomy in finding solutions through the mediation of new technologies; increased motivation, attention, and participation by students; ease in making connections between different aspects of the same reality (the oven); use of technology has stimulated the creativity to solve problems in a collaborative way; collaboration between teachers, the exchange of experiences and the sharing of strategies during the trial was crucial to obtain satisfactory results.

What’s next
The object “Guide for use and maintenance of Convention Steam Oven” at the moment is in paper draft format.
In first instance our project is to make an Object review involving cooking teachers of Salvemini School (one of the users of the object) in order to finalize the Guide in format paper. The final Object will be used into the kitchen laboratory as a support to explanation of oven functioning to the new first classes.
Afterwards we will evaluate the possibility to make a new version of the guide as multimedia document or video tutorial.

Natale Palmisano – Angelica Brunetti

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