Four project ideas of Salvemini School – Fasano

Le quattro idee progettuali del Salvemini – Fasano

20th of October, 2014

The Salvemini School began to collaborate with the transnational project Promoting Knowledge Work Practices in Education in February 2014 through, at first, a training phase on the trialogical approach, followed by the creation of an “object” to propose to the class that has to be used in an “authentical” way.

The four project ideas, in four different class councils, have been supported by some phases of implementation:

• preparation of a planning sheet

• discussions and debates with the representatives of the University after the observation of the teaching/learning process into the classroom

• preparation of a draft of the pedagogical scenary

• beginning of the classroom activities through the techniques of progressive inquiry in support of interaction/discussion between peers and Jigsaw (Puzzle), in support of teamwork, with the drafting of a logbook (pupils and teachers)

• compilation of the monitoring questionnaire on its activity in June (pupils and teachers)

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