KNORK Blog opens!

Welcome to develop and investigate knowledge work competencies with us: teachers, researchers and technical experts in KNORK!

The name, Promoting Knowledge Work Practices in Education, reveals our aim and focus. We are curious about the competencies that children, teenagers, and students need in the future life. There is a lot of talk about the challenges that young people have to face in their work life, and there is also a lot of talk – and lists! – about the competencies that they need to have; such as communication and collaboration skills, learning to learn -skills, or digital skills. They should also have several personal attributes, such as curiosity, independence, or flexibility. Future knowledge workers should really be something special!

How do the young people acquire these competencies? At home, in school – yes, but not everyone at home, and unfortunately only seldom in educational institutions. Too often educational practices are still based on individual learning, focusing on remembering information, and too seldom students’ own knowledge and knowledge creation is taken into use. We know that there are several reasons for this, and in our project we can’t solve every problem. We promise, however, to develop such new practices that support the development of knowledge work practices together with teachers and researchers. We promise to investigate these practices, and we will share the experiences together with the educational community, e.g., via this blog.

Liisa Ilomäki,

University of Helsinki, co-ordinator of KNORK

One thought on “KNORK Blog opens!

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